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Monitoring your accommodation's energy consumption has never been so rewarding

If you're a student living in participating halls or fully-managed accommodation, our app can help you and your fellow residents to reduce your energy waste, collectively.

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Over 14,000 students across 73 student accommodation sites can download the TSEP app and make a difference by collectively reducing their energy consumption.

Believe in reducing waste energy but live in a shared building?

Keep track of your building's energy-saving progress and see how it compares against other sites across the country.

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Track progress, reduce consumption and play your part in the fight against climate change

The TSEP app allows you to easily monitor consumption and helps you track the positive impact your changes are making. You'll also receive alerts and regular tips based on your usage, to help you reduce waste.

As your consumption is reduced, you'll earn points that can be exchanged in our give-back programme: supporting good causes like planting trees and powering green energy projects in Africa.

How does it work?

It is super quick and easy to get started! The TSEP app converts your positive changes into give-back rewards, helping you and others to live and study more sustainably.

Get started

Download the app and select your university and accommodation.

Monitor energy

The app shows you your building's gas, energy and water consumption.

Make a change

You’ll be prompted to make simple changes, helping you to reduce consumption.

Feel rewarded

Trees are planted or funds are raised for green energy projects in Africa.

Use with ease

The app pulls the data, all you need to do is reduce your usage.

Save the planet

Lower your energy use and become more sustainable.

Feel rewarded

See how even the smallest of changes can make a big difference.

Track your carbon

See how your carbon footprint measures up.

Get alerts

We'll send you notifications to keep you on track.

Do good

Get tips and hints on how to live more sustainably.

Want to start living more sustainably?

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