1. Why can’t I see my university/accommodation on the sign up page of the TSEP app?

The Student Energy Project (TSEP) is only accessible to select student accommodation providers that have their utility meters set up to stream consumption data to the TSEP app. If you’d like your university/accommodation to take part send us an email with the name to info@thestudentenergyproject.com and we will let you know if it becomes available.

2. How are the savings targets for my accommodation set?

The target is agreed by our experts and your accommodation operator based on various factors such as the number of residents and the time of year.

3. What happens to the savings at the end of the academic year?

The savings made by your building at the end of the academic year are donated to your accommodations chosen good-cause. The causes TSEP supports are tree planting via ecologi or helping to supply power to deprived areas through power2africa.

4. What if my accommodation hasn’t made anysavings?

If you are still mid-way through your academic year and your accommodation hasn’t made any saving, there’s still time! It’s really important to try and encourage as many of your fellow residents to download the app andwork together to make small changes to your energy consumption. Small, consistent changes can result in noticeable energy savings. If you are at the end of your academic year and your accommodation hasn’t managed to achieve any savings, then no set fee will be donated to one of our good causes however throughout the year, we would have planted trees in for each sign up and it is up to your provider if they would like to still make a donation.